Canadian Drugs Are Affordable, But Are They Legal?

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Americans have started buying their prescription medication online from internet pharmacies located in Canada. In case you’ve ever looked at Review, you might have noticed that lots of the medications are 80% more affordable in Canada then they’re in the USA, which begs several questions.

Primarily, Canadians pay tremendously less for the very same medicines than Americans since the Canadian government stipulates a cost ceiling where they allow drug makers to market to Canadian drug vendors, and the government also controls the costs in which Canadian vendors can sell these drugs to the general public. So, the pharmaceutical industry is closely regulated and cost controlled from the Canadian government, resulting in very inexpensive, very affordable pharmaceutical medication.

This socialized system for pharmaceutical medication isn’t anywhere to be located in America. At the U.S., drug companies are permitted to sell medicines to the general public at whatever prices the market can tolerate. Isn’t that nice? We are living in a nation so free that our drug companies can cost us $350 for 20 pills of Viagra or Cialis, whereas in Canada you could buy it for $90.

As a consequence of the monumental cost postings, internet pharmaceutical providers in Canada have established extensive marketing campaigns aimed in the U.S. to capitalize on the American need for affordable prescriptions. Pay a visit to any search engine and type in keywords “Canada medications” or just type in the name of any prescription medication you can think about, and you also will get a great deal of Canadian-themed sponsored connections for online pharmacies located in Canada selling medications that are so inexpensive that makes your eyes pop.

However, is that legal? According to the FDA, the importation or re-importation of drugs in this country by a foreign origin is contrary to the law. In other words, it’s technically illegal to buy drugs from Canada that were manufactured in Canada or fabricated in the USA and then sold to Canadian vendors. Is this dumb? Absolutely! The FDA claims that they can’t promise that the “caliber” of these medication from Canada, that those medications may be harmful, that they may have been badly manufactured or formulated, or manufactured from facilities from Southeast Asia.